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Your faulty lock at home or in your office giving you a hard time getting in our out? If it does, it’s time to call the pros!


San Diego Locksmith has a friendly and effective workforce who will easily handle lock our services for your home, office or your car!


All you have to do is call us by dialing (619) 870-1896! We are here to serve you!


We can send our expert locksmith to assist you within 20 minutes. Yes, that quick!


Our lock technicians are bonded and insured lock and can deal with problems of simple door locks or sophisticated security systems!


San Diego Locksmith can help you solve your lock problems in no time!  On top of that, we offer amazing discounts and a 90-day guarantee to all our customers!


Pick up the phone now! For the quickest service in San Diego, call us at (619) 870-1896 right away!

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San Diego Locksmith benefits:


  • 20 Minutes Response
  • 24 / 7 availability
  • Low Rates!



Call us now at (619) 870-1896!


San Diego Locksmith, serving the San Diego metro 24 hours a day!

  • FAQs:

    What is a VIN?

    A VIN number or a Vehicle Identification Number comes with your car purchase, along with other pertinent information such as your car insurance and registration. Most locksmiths can duplicate or replace car keys of almost all car makes and models. With a locksmith service, you will not need to give your VIN number.

    What tools are needed to rekey a door?

    There are different tools that can be used to rekey a door. A screwdriver is needed to remove the door knob while regular tweezers and those with reverse actions are used to replace the pins in the lock. Our locksmiths also use more sophisticated tools to rekey a door.

    How fast can your emergency locksmith respond?

    Lock and key problems can pose a great threat to your security. This is why our emergency locksmith services at San Diego Locksmith are provided the fastest way possible. We guarantee that an emergency locksmith will be in your location within 15 minutes, or even less!

    What number should I call to request the services of an auto locksmith in San Diego?

    There is only one number to dial if you want the help of an auto locksmith in San Diego. That’s (619) 870-1896! San Diego Locksmith is the company that can give you a professional auto locksmith in San Diego. Talk to our friendly representatives now!

    How do I ask for the service of a residential locksmith in San Diego?

    An expert residential locksmith in San Diego is not difficult to find at all. We have many of them at San Diego Locksmith - the home of security experts. Simply pick up the phone and call us at (619) 870-1896 if you want the service of a residential locksmith in San Diego.

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